Like A RockStar
LaRS double and triple checks the quality of each custom piece ordered. However, experience demonstrates that mistakes can occur.

To help ensure your satisfaction, LaRS recommends that you get your measurements taken as precisely and accurately as possible. In our opinion, having a professional take the measurements is the most effective way to ensure a delicious fit. A professionally taken measurement is inexpensive and can be done in less than 30 minutes. By receiving professional measurements, you greatly improve the chances of the fit matching your imagination.

With excellent, professional measurements, the margin for a misfit drastically reduces. Although we pride ourselves on our quality and craftsmanship, to be fair, the Law of Averages dictates that hiccups are bound to happen.

To be proactive against these rare occurrences, LaRS offers the Regal Guarantee: we decree that we are dedicated to fixing and/or altering any garment produced until you are completely satisfied with its fit and style.

Since we specialize in custom kits and are committed to creating a unique and personalized product for singularly YOU, exchanges and/or returns are impossible.

However, if a LaRS product does not fit your exact needs and wants, we will be saddened and sympathetic. In this case, two options exist:

Send us the garment with specific instructions on the problem and how we can remedy the situation via a better fit. Once received, our tailors will make the necessary adjustments.

Bring the garment into your local tailor, have them make the necessary adjustments and clearly write down what adjustments were made (so we may note the changes and incorporate them into future orders). Then email us the bill and we will kindly and gladly either give you a credit on your next order or refund the alteration cost via PayPal.

In either case, LaRS is dedicated to your personal happiness and well being through dynamite Customer Service. LaRS Customer Service is as personalized as our product.


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